To the general public, Amaury Vassili has become the voice. The voice of an authentic 23-year-old tenor whose new album UNA PARTE DI ME (A Part Of Me) is a consummate blend of power, control and finesse. He’s a good-looking guy who also has eclectic tastes. Classily, naturally, he has made the operatic repertoire his own, but that’s not to say that he looks down on the great family of popular music. Amaury Vassili is a modern kid who manages to sidestep the pitfalls of cliché and repetition.

The list of his tastes and influences is wide-ranging and diverse. He’s a fan of Michael Jackson, reggae and Jacques Brel, but has always been attracted to opera and the emotional impact of large orchestras. Told you he was eclectic.

For Amaury Vassili though, singing is all about commitment. He’s not frightened of performing live. The bigger the audience, the more at home he feels. During his triumphant tour with the Welsh opera star Katherine Jenkins, she invited him to share the stage with her at London’s vast O2 Arena, where Michael Jackson was due to appear on his final tour. Amaury Vassili received a standing ovation from the adoring 6,000-strong audience.

There’s an explanation for his almost impudent self-confidence. This headstrong young man struggled at school but cut his teeth from the age of nine at regional talent contests and venues and performed in musicals for children in Normandy before taking part in the French Singing Championships, which he won in 2004. Entirely self-taught, Amaury Vassili could rely on his exceptional natural vocal ability. He had great ambitions and knew exactly how to go about achieving them. So he resisted the temptations of reality TV shows despite their repeated siren calls. He now jokes about that time: “I never went in for any of those auditions. I’ve got a very particular musical style and I didn’t want to fit into that mould.”

His two albums to date, VINCERO (2009) and CANTERO (2010), shot to the top of the charts and went double platinum in France in a matter of months. Amaury also gained an international following after a huge world tour that took him from Canada to South Korea, Russia and Finland. His last album went gold in South Africa, which is almost unheard-of for an artist who doesn’t sing in English.

The world’s youngest tenor has made the most of his unassailable position to present a bold, ambitious project on his new album. He has brought his own secret pop-opera recipe to new recordings of major classical works by Brahms, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and even Mozart. These are the very masterpieces that kindled the singer’s passion for the classical and operatic repertoire and encouraged him to make a career out of music and performing live. His new album UNA PARTE DI ME captivates you from the very first listen as his emotion shines through. Amaury Vassili’s vocal maturity is fascinating. Here he is at the very peak of his powers.